Amadastor Art Piece
09 November 2018

Ceetrus Portugal will be present at the third WebSummit with its artistic display “Plastic Age”, an initiative designed to increase public awareness in regard to the environmental impact of plastic, by reusing it in the form of art.  By bringing together artists to depict this theme, Ceetrus Portugal’s goal is to change the paradigm to a new era of less plastic and more planet.

The project “Plastic Age” is composed of 2 works: “O Adamastor”, an artistic creation that took shape from the hands of João Parrinha from the organisation Skeleton Sea, inspired by the waves surfed by the internationally acclaimed surfer Hugo Vau and “Over Plastic Sea” created by Kruella D’Enfer. The curatorship of the project is entrusted to Bruno Pereira of Departamento.

Inspired by the importance of public awareness about the impact of plastic on marine biodiversity, these artists transformed more than 650 kilos of plastic gathered from the Forum Sintra and Forum Montijo shopping centres, managed by Ceetrus Portugal, and from the municipal services of Sintra (SMAS) and Montijo (Amarsul).

“Plastic Age” is the 13th project of “Arte em Toda a Parte” (Art Everywhere), a Ceetrus Portugal initiative which begun in 2013 that seeks to democratise access to Art and Culture by promoting a variety of forms of artistic expression in the shopping centres it manages.

For this reason, following the Web Summit, the two works of the project “Plastic Age” will be placed in the two shopping centres, making them accessible to a greater number of people. “O Adamastor” will be put on display in the Forum Sintra, whilst the work “Over Plastic Sea” will be on view at Forum Montijo.

Elsa Camacho, director of Sustainable Development at Ceetrus Portugal, underscores the fact that “social and environmental responsibility is one of the pillars of the Ceetrus 2030 Vision, which defines its mission: To link people by creating sustainable, smart and lively places to brighten up everyday life. The “Plastic Age” project is right in line with this mission and allows us to actively contribute to encouraging the debate and our actions in regard to one of the priority subjects on the international agenda: preserving the oceans and reducing the use of plastic”

Adamastor Art Piece