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We are a centre of experiences; of confort. When thinking about Alegro Sintra we want you to think of a place where, besides finding everything you look for, you also think about meeting someone; a shopping centre where you can be.

We want to gift Alegro Sintra of a multitude of services strong enough to leave an impression after each visit. We want to be an attraction and a novelty each and every moment.

We want to give you a voice, to ear you and get back to you. We want to be in touch and hand you over “the days specials” before you leave home. We want to be like this everyday.

Alegro Sintra



A series of rectangular shapes superimposed on the geometry of the original project give rise to various halls of different sizes. In the collision between these spaces, different squares of irregular shapes were created with roofs with diamond-shaped skylights. These skylights serve a dual function allowing the entry of natural light during the day and marking territorial abroad during the night.

Each area takes on an identity that is reflected in the materials used in each one and that, overall, gives a contemporary and harmonious nature to the building. Do not also forget the outdoor terrace overlooking the Serra de Sintra, which is perfect for a bit of relaxing! Finally, emphasis should be given to the integration of the former structure of the hypermarket and gallery with new floors and parks that result in a space where each client feels part of a whole; part of Alegro Sintra.

54000Shopping mall area (m² GLA)
138Number of shops