Alegro Setúbal
12 March 2019

Forum Montijo

The Alegro Setúbal and Forum Montijo shopping centres, owned and managed by Ceetrus Portugal, have strengthened their commercial mix and have achieved a 100% occupancy rate.

The most recent openings and the remodelling of some stores, in Ceetrus Portugal’s two spaces, are targeting different business segments.  At the Setúbal Alegro shopping centre, after the opening of Urban Planet (this brand’s first trampoline park in Portugal occupying a surface area of 1,000 m2, with an innovative concept that combines leisure and sports), the doors were also opened to Pizza Hut in the restaurant area, Manuel Alves, a footwear specialist and also the Kicks store, which offers a wide and selective range of training and running shoes from the main sports market brands. Forum Montijo saw the opening of a new Asian restaurant - Hong Sha Long Sushi - and Carrozza, a store specializing in babies’ and children’s clothing, reminiscent of a doll’s house with antique furniture painted in pastel shades. In addition to these inaugurations, during March two new spaces will open in the Forum Montijo centre: Leitão da Villa Batikano’s restaurant and the 5àSec and 5àSelf laundrette.

“Ceetrus Portugal works daily to make its commercial spaces more and more alive, dynamic and comprehensive for its customers, in leisure, culture, services or commercial offers.  At this point, we are clearly evolving towards a commercial mix that is increasingly aligned with the wishes and needs of local communities, respecting their specific features as well as quality, innovation and diversity of supply.  Our commercial spaces are therefore more robust in their commercial mix and the customers are therefore more satisfied, engaged and loyal. In particular, in the District of Setúbal, the new openings mean that we now have an occupancy rate of 100% in both the Setúbal Alegro and Forum Montijo centres. This shows that, beyond customer satisfaction with the services provided, there is also recognition of and preference for the brands in relation to our assets”, says Carlos Costa, Property & Leasing Director of CEETRUS Portugal.

Ceetrus Portugal currently owns the Alegro Alfragide, Alegro Castelo Banco, Alegro Setúbal, Forum Montijo and Forum Sintra shopping centres and five Jumbo Commercial Galleries (Maia, Famalicão, Santo Tirso, Canidelo and Sintra) and also manages the Jumbo Alverca and Cascais Commercial Galleries. Ceetrus Portugal is in second place in the national ranking of companies owning and managing medium and large shopping centres.