Alegro shopping centers ready for the new normal
23 June 2020

The plan to welcome the new normal at the Alegro Shopping Centers has several priority axes, which can now be consulted online at website, including a manual of good practices that aims to make life easier for everyone visits the shopping center. 

Hygiene and continuous monitoring 

  • There is a comprehensive reinforcement of all hygiene measures, creating a highly frequent cleaning routine for ATMs, waste bins, door handles, handrails, elevators, information desk counter and other focal points;
  • An additional cleaning team, specialized in disinfection, has been created. Duly identified, it will only be dedicated to this procedure and will be in action through the Shopping Center’s opening hours;
  • Management of access to the shopping center, for example, controlling the mandatory use of a protective mask and permanent electronic monitoring of the number of people circulating in the shopping center at any given moment, among other measures.

Adaptation of areas

  • In the food court, several measures were implemented, such as reducing its capacity by 50%; the tables are spaced apart to ensure social distance and its use is limited to a reduced number of people; there are specific tables for families, among other measures;
  • In the bathrooms, hand dryers are deactivated and paper dispensers are available; the occupation of this space is reduced to 50% of its usual capacity, in addition to the reinforcement of disinfection;
  • Installation of vending machines with individual protection equipment in the accesses of shopping centers, such as protective masks and disinfectant gel; 
  • Availability of payments by MBWAY and other contactless solutions in more than 75% of tenants, granting that Alegro was the first shopping center brand to widely introduce these payments methods;
  • Access to elevators is controlled, with a maximum number of people, and groupings will be restricted; 
  • Rest areas with the usual sofas and work areas have been partially removed;  
  • Playgrounds will remain temporarily closed at this stage.  

Training, communication and awareness 

  • Training and awareness-raising actions are carried out by the operational teams of the shopping centres for the correct application of the measures;
  • Bet on a solid communication plan visible throughout the Shopping Center, making it known in a pedagogical way to customers which measures are in place and how to act for the protection and safety of all;
  • General guidelines were shared with all tenants regarding the measures that must be adopted in stores;  

We are also investing in the development of solutions to facilitate the way customers interact with us, and with our tenants, to provide a more comfortable and adequate experience to today’s needs. We have in place, even before the pandemic, a digital solution for ordering meals without waiting in lines in the restaurant area, in partnership with the Portuguese start-up Levoo, at Alegro Alfragide. We will develop this sort of solutions throughout our portfolio, in partnerships that we will announce soon. The Drive & Smile service will also be available very soon, in which the customer orders the item he wants online or over the phone at his favourite store and collects it in a dedicated space in the car park, without having to leave his vehicle. A simpler, faster and equally secure way to buy ”, stresses Carlos Costa.