Carlos Costa is the new Property & Leasing Director of CEETRUS Portugal

21 September 2018

Carlos Costa, with more than 17 years of experience in the shopping centers business, has now taken a position with Ceetrus Portugal. He is responsible for coordinating the shopping centre management teams, composed of the center manager, operations manager and marketing manager, as well as the management teams from the shopping galleries and the Retail Park. In addition, it will coordinate the leasing team, responsible for leasing the stores and sales outlets of the company’s assets. Carlos Costa will also have a role in the property & leasing management of potential new projects.

He graduated in business management from the Universidade do Algarve and also has qualifications in management from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He started working in the sector in 2001 as an Operational Assistant at Forum Algarve, where he began a new stage in 2004 as Deputy Center Manager. He went on to become Center Manager in 2007. In 2014 he moved on to the post of Center Manager of the Forum Montijo and in 2015 he went to the Almada Forum, also as Center Manager, where he stayed until the transition to Ceetrus Portugal.

According to Mario Costa, CEO of Ceetrus Portugal, “the contribution of Carlos Costa will be particularly relevant to the Company since he has an extensive experience in the sector and has strong expertise with the management tools needed to ensure the smooth functioning of all our shopping centres and galleries. We believe that his experience as director of various shopping centres, one of them acquired earlier this year by Ceetrus Portugal, will be a great asset not only for his current role, but also for developing new projects focused on our vision: ‘We link people by creating sustainable, smart and lively places to brighten up everyday life.’”

Regarding his new job, Carlos Costa says that “it is very important to have experience on the field, on the on-site management of shopping centres. With this knowledge capital, which I am going to apply in Ceetrus Portugal, my main goal is to enhance the efficiency of the centres and the customer experience they offer”.

This appointment strengthens the Ceetrus Portugal team which, in a new naming in June of this year, materialized its progression from commercial real estate to investor, developer and real estate manager of mixed projects, with the aim of becoming a global urban player.

The acquisition, of three new assets at the beginning of this year - Forum Montijo, Forum Sintra and Sintra Retail Park - pushed Ceetrus Portugal to the top of the national ranking of Owners companies and in 2nd place in the ranking of companies that manage medium and large shopping centres.