Ceetrus Portugal Multibrand Kiosks
01 August 2018

Ceetrus Portugal, the owner and manager of the Alegro Alfragide Shopping Center, is a finalist at the Solal Marketing Awards 2018 organized by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), in the categories “Customer Services” and “Emerging Technology” with the Alegro Dog Friendly and Kiosks Digital ordering of meals, respectively.

After being awarded in the Social Responsibility category with the event  Blind Date With Books by the same institution in 2010, which distinguishes best practices in the retail sector worldwide, Ceetrus is now recognized by the innovation introduced at Alegro Alfragide services, with the allowance of dogs in the center as well as the bet on pioneering technologies as is the case of the Digital Kiosks of food courts.

“These two nominations prove once again that we are on the right track for our centers to answer to what we define in our Vision by creating smart, sustainable and dynamic places. The future is to associate our spaces with new trends in consumer behavior. We want to innovate, reinvent and challenge patterns, generating new experiences. At Ceetrus, we work daily to develop projects that respond to the evolution of the territories where we are inserted, creating multifunctional urban living spaces. These two projects reflect our innovative attitude well, “says Filomena Conceição, Marketing Director at Ceetrus.

After months of study and preparation, Alegro Alfragide allowed the entrance of dogs in its space in May 2017, in a regulated manner, with a set of associated services and an involvement of all the operation of the shopping center to ensure the well-being of all customers. A pioneer convenience service in Portugal, acknowledged and applauded by all its clients and by numerous other entities at national level, increasing the recognition and notoriety of the brand.

The implementation of 6 Multibrand Self Service Kiosks, as a result of a partnership with the national start-up Levoo, has revolutionized the experience of customers in food courts, who are now able to better manage their time in Alegro and avoiding queues by placing their order in digital kiosks or through the Levoo app.

Founded in 1957, the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) is a worldwide association of shopping centers with headquarters in New York, which brings together more than 60,000 members in more than 90 countries and dedicates to the promotion of the Real Estate Retail industry at all levels.

The winners of the Solal Marketing Awards 2018, awarded since 1975 by the ICSC, will be known in September at a ceremony to be held in Amsterdam.