23 July 2019


  • 5 Shopping Centres are brought under the new Alegro brand: Alegro Alfragide, Alegro Castelo Branco, Alegro Montijo, Alegro Setúbal and Alegro Sintra;
  • Work has been done in Sintra and Montijo to improve the Customer experience and to bring them into line with the positioning of the Alegro brand;
  • Alegro will bring more comfort, dynamism and new features;

Ceetrus Portugal, the number 2 company in the national ranking of medium-large scale shopping centre owner and management companies in Portugal, will be rebranding its Alegro brand of shopping centres and will be transitioning Forum Sintra and Forum Montijo to Alegro Sintra and Alegro Montijo.

The rebranding of the Alegro brand will go hand in hand with the presentation of a new visual identity, as well as a new signature and positioning for the brand, which has currently been in existence for 12 years - created exclusively for the Portuguese market with the opening of the Alegro Alfragide Shopping Centre.

Alegro is becoming a unique brand, encompassing all of the medium-large scale shopping centres run by Ceetrus Portugal, including Forum Sintra and Forum Montijo, which are being rebranded to Alegro Sintra and Alegro Montijo. With a new positioning including all of these spaces, Alegro will bring more comfort, dynamism, new features and more reasons to smile. 

Alegro is becoming the shopping centre brand in Portugal with more spaces under the same umbrella in terms of the second level of the site’s positioning, as part of a logic of living in harmony with communities and the territory.

The rebranding will take place in two phases. The first phase, currently in progress, envisages bringing the physical spaces into line with the new Alegro positioning and Customer expectations, following an initial exhaustive listening phase at the new Alegro Sintra and Alegro Montijo. The second phase, scheduled for September, will involve the release of the Alegro brand’s new visual image, including updating the façades and completing all of the different work scheduled for the first phase.

There are several new features in terms of physical experience: Alegro Montijo will have a cycle track, an undercover car park, new sitting areas, an inside playground, a renovated food court and a commitment to photovoltaic panels and mobility services; Alegro Sintra will have renovated WCs, new access to the renovated food court and new sitting areas. An indoor playground that did not previously exist will be created. Both Alegro Sintra and Alegro Montijo will have new information desks to welcome Customers, with an extensive range of services once the brand has been changed.

Filomena Conceição, Marketing, Innovation and Digital Director at Ceetrus Portugal, adds that “this Alegro rebranding is fully in line with the mission of Ceetrus Portugal, “We link people by creating sustainable, smart and lively places to brighten up everyday life”, making these spaces more dynamic, comfortable and smart. The Alegro brand knows that life is full of reasons to smile and wants to get Customers involved with this mentality. So we are launching a renewed brand, which will aim to intensify happiness in everyone’s life and will encompass all of our medium-large scale commercial spaces. The birth of Alegro Sintra and Alegro Montijo, marks 1 year of Ceetrus’ ownership and management of these two assets, which for us is yet another reason to be proud of the vision that we have imparted for both spaces.” 

Ceetrus, a company forming part of the Mulliez Family Association, with more than 40 years of experience, operates as an investor, developer and management company for real estate and mixed projects. It owns 13 commercial spaces in Portugal, including the Jumbo Commercial Galleries. In partnership with citizens and territories, Ceetrus is co-building new and innovative living spaces that will set the standards for the city of the future.