“CINCO DISTRICT” revolutionizes the way we work and live in Lisbon

Cinco Distric
29 March 2019
  • CINCO DISTRICT is an innovative project involving a tower and office buildings, a hotel, green spaces, shops and a square for hosting events; 
  • New eco-system in Lisbon – Work, Link, Eat, Relax & Sleep;
  • Project developed by Ceetrus Portugal and The Edge Group;
  • Investment of 80 million euros;
  • Located in Carnaxide, at the gates of Lisbon;
  • The project will create more than 100 jobs and accommodate 3,000 employees of companies in various sectors;
  • BREEAM – Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method international certification.


CINCO DISTRICT is an innovative real estate project developed jointly by Ceetrus Portugal and The Edge Group. Located in Carnaxide, CINCO DISTRICT is a pioneering project in Portugal, that will create a unique work-life ecosystem. Featuring a tower and an office building and hotel, this will be a sustainable living space that reinvents how we work and live in Lisbon, promoting Work Life Balance for all those involved in this space. With a gross area of about 40 000m², the CINCO DISTRICT project will create a unique space for all those who seek talent, productivity and authenticity. An amazing place to work, shop, eat, visit or stay, with a sustainability seal that is unique in Portugal.

With total investment of 80M€, divided into a range of areas – construction, access, sustainability, innovation, among others – CINCO DISTRICT is owned in equal parts by Ceetrus Portugal and The Edge Group. The project is the result of the combined knowledge and skills of the two entities and the management of most business areas will be shared by the owners. Construction will take 22 months and CINCO DISTRICT is scheduled for opening in the second half of 2021.

CINCO DISTRICT is characterized by its bold architectural language, its outstanding feature being an iconic 80-metre, 20-floor office tower.  The project arose from a symbiotic idea, including a hotel, meeting rooms, offices and several parallel services, such as restaurants and 1,100 parking spaces, providing an ecosystem in Lisbon in all its aspects: Work, Link, Eat, Relax & Sleep

José Luís Pinto Basto, CEO of The Edge Group emphasises that “CINCO DISTRICT represents a different approach to doing business in the city and meets the need for differentiated supplies of offices that meet the needs of companies and brands looking for productivity and sustainability. This project is an efficient complex for life and living; it’s a space with great potential for the promotion of a value-added lifestyle: healthy living habits, work, networking and leisure spaces”.

Mário Costa, CEO of Ceetrus Portugal also notes that “this is a pioneering project, with a sustainability seal that is unique in our country. BREEAM international certification, applicable from the construction work, ensures that CINCO DISTRICT will be an active friend of the environment and will involve the entire community that lives in it in reducing the carbon footprint with every step they take within the complex. Working and living in Lisbon will also be revolutionized through the creation of green spaces that cut across all possible activities in CINCO DISTRICT. Green areas will occupy 7,000m² including the vertical garden of the Office Tower and the area surrounding the square at the heart of the complex, where networking and leisure merge into a new life experience.

The project will create more than one hundred jobs related to infrastructure management and involves the planned creation of more than 3000 jobs associated with the activity of the companies based there.



Its location and exclusive design, which culminates in an iconic 20-story Office Tower over 80 metres high, will include an efficient LED display offering a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of brands as well as a vertical garden. The project has BREEAM – Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method – international certification which cuts across all project areas from design to the execution and operation of the building. This certification has a profound impact on the selected architecture solutions, promoting strategies for passive reduction of carbon footprint and technical solutions promoting the use of more energy efficient strategies and the well-being and comfort of all users.

The different work spaces extend into the green areas, through open terraces throughout the complex, creating a unique connection between the two environments. This approach will result in the project allocating more than 7,000m² to green spaces, creating a meeting point between different realities in a common space: business and family. Beyond all this, CINCO DISTRICT will also have 40 charging stations for electric vehicles, efficient management of lifts, power generation through solar panels installed on the buildings, use of low energy LED lighting technology, among other smart systems for environmental efficiency.

The project also provides for the use of native species in the garden areas to reduce water consumption. Rooftop gardens will enable the creation of natural thermal insulation and reduce urban sprawl in the surrounding landscape.

The green areas will also include an events venue, which will function as the heart of the complex. This square, open to all, including the local community, will be a lively and dynamic space that will host a range of events and cultural initiatives. To promote connection and sharing of experiences between people, the square will be highly dynamic, particularly at weekends. CINCO DISTRICT provides for a 4-star Marriott hotel that will complement the experience of being able to live in a unique ecosystem, designed to promote networking between national and international companies.


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