How to thrive at Web Summit 2018

04 November 2018

The biggest tech gathering in Europe is once again coming to Lisbon and this year Ceetrus established an #innovative partnership. Web Summit will bring together over 70 000 people between November 5th and 8th at Altice Arena and FIL Lisbon. With a fast-paced program that includes talks, workshops, meetups, and even pub crawl it’s easy to lose focus. At Ceetrus we’ve been preparing for this event for a while now, here are some tips to help you and your business get the most out of Web Summit


Planning as part of the job
Find your target audience and plan every meeting in advance. Don’t trust your memory to remember everything you want to accomplish, instead make good use of the calendar. Be sure you have time to reach from one meeting to another, save the time to attend talks and workshops.

Notes and follow-ups are your best friends
Take detailed notes during or immediately after every meeting or conference you attend.  If your interlocutors share the name of their dog or where they plan to travel next, you should save that information for later. Nothing makes a follow-up email stand more than a personal touch.

It’s a technology conference, download the app!
Get the official Web Summit app on your smartphone now. Pay attention to your profile by adding details that let other attendees know you are and what you do.  It’s also an excellent tool for networking, allowing you to connect and chat with other people throughout the event.

Meet & Mingle
There will be over 70 000 professionals at Web Summit, it’s only natural that you end up mingle some of them outside scheduled meetings. Don’t be afraid to invite your interlocutor to meet over a drink at one of the night events – that’s one of the reasons they are held.
Think outside the main stage
Our partners at I-Beta (and Ceetrus as well) don’t want you to get lost. Remember to check their Beyond the Summit guide to everything that is happening during the event. You’ll get a curated list of what to do and see to make the most of the summit.

Watch out for the giant art
Ceetrus Portugal is attending Web Summit 2018 and dare we say with a bang! This year we teamed up with the organization to present our fellow attendees with a unique project - Plastic_Age – curated by Departamento®.
Stop by Registration and Planet: tech Stage and see what happens when retail, art, and sustainability meet. Our giant pieces made of recycled plastic are hard to miss. No need to fear, they were created by two of the most skilled artists in Portugal, Skeleton Sea and Kruella D’Enfer.

Let us know if you have any tips to add or want to meet. Did you happen to take a snapshot of our art installations? We’d love to see those pictures.