Partnership with The Sweet Art Museum brings new exhibition to Alegro Montijo and Alegro Sintra

The Sweet Art Museum
20 September 2019

From September 21st to October 6th, Alegro Montijo and Alegro Sintra will be the stage of Happy Pop’s from The Sweet Art Museum to celebrate the image change/ the recent makeover and the news of the smile intensifier Alegro/ smile creator Alegro. With free entrance, the sweetest and happiest museum of the world will be present at the same time in the two new spaces Alegro.

With more than ten photo spots – between Happy Pop’s and corners Alegro – The SAM brings to Alegro Montijo and Alegro Sintra scenarios like que famous Carousel, the Candy Wash, the Ice Cream Land, the iconic Splash Mallow Pool – with the right to diving and to make unique photos.

The challenge launched by Alegro to The Sweet Art Museum to celebrate with all the new phase of the Alegro brand, which is smiling more than ever. Open to the public between 11 AM to 9 PM, the Happy Pop’s exhibition by the SAM challenge the visitor to say yes to happiness. And we have a lot of reasons to smile in the Alegro universe.

This rebranding makes Alegro the mall brand in Portugal with more spaces with the same management thanks to the transition from Forum Montijo and Forum Sintra to Alegro. The brand growth led several interventions in all spaces – now they are five Alegro malls – with the same brand ideal and with the clients expectations.