Say Hello to the new Alegro Brand!

Alegro Montijo
19 September 2019

The most visible side of Alegro’s brand new visual identity and positioning is the logo: the new face Alegro melts into smiles. With five malls under its purview, Alegro is now the brand with the most spaces with the same name. Alfragide, Castelo Branco and Setúbal joined the new Alegro Sintra and Alegro Montijo. To mark this new phase, Ceetrus made a partnership with The Sweet Art Museum.

More than a shopping mall, Alegro is a Trend Center, at the same time aggregating and spreading the current trends and passions. A place where it´s possible to live the now and add smiles. This posture is mirrored in the new logo, a symbol composed of graphic elements that represent the three main axes: “Eat” (smile), “Relax” (circle) and “Play” (triangle).

Filomena Conceição, Director of Marketing, Innovation and Digital at Ceetrus Portugal, adds that “today every Alegro is a space that reflects dynamism, enthusiasm, and always close to its customers. The Alegro brand spreads joy in everything it does, and every day must fulfill the promise of your new signature ‘Here. Now. Alegro. ’ Bringing it a sense of novelty and permanent innovation. The branding campaign materializes around the concept of ‘Adding Smiles’, because life is full of reasons to smile, so it becomes an intensifier of happiness in everyone’s life. This evolution has led to a new visual identity and an image of the first identity created 12 years ago, simple but highly dynamic, where the joyful face comes alive and smiles. ”

Five Alegro malls, with the new Sintra and Montijo

The new Alegro brand brings with it an exciting way to celebrate its new image and positioning, adding sweet smiles to its visitors through the activation of HAPPY POP’s by The Sweet Art Museum. The Alegro Sintra and Alegro Montijo will be, from September 21st  to October 6th , stages of the sweetest and happiest museum in the world. With free admission, the exhibition features over a dozen corners to enjoy and photograph.
What’s new in terms of physical experience at the two new centers: the Alegro Montijo receives a bike lane, a covered parking lot, new resting areas, a modernized indoor playground, a renovated restaurant area and a bet on production solutions, sustainable energy services and mobility services. Alegro Sintra will feature modernized WCs, new access to the new catering area, new resting areas, and the creation of an indoor playground that had not existed so far and was the main request of Customers to the mall.